There’s more to your home than just the walls.

And there’s more to us than just building.

We have spent more than a decade perfecting our processes in order to give you more. More options. More time. More confidence. Ensuring the life you live within these walls is the only thing left to the imagination.

We have delivered this to both local and international owners, time and time again. We’ve done this through streamlined procedures and transparent communication.

It’s the reliability you’d expect from a big builder. With the attention to detail from a smaller one. Never stopping until your expectations have been met. And your bum is firmly planted on the couch.


More than a suit. Chris is no stranger to the jobsite. With over 15 years of experience in construction management, he is proficient in leading projects and delegating the right people. It’s not one size fits all with Chris. You’re a name, not a number. And it’s his clear communication that will give you more. Not a tool, but an adjustable spanner: modifies to fit you.


More than numbers. Katya has been in the construction industry for over 8 years. Not one to be underestimated, she’s committed to exceeding expectations. Whether you’re a first-home buyer or international investor. She’s a Jill of all trades, and master of a lot. And it’s her willingness to go that extra mile that will give you more. Not a tool, but a hammer: knows when to apply pressure.


More than a tradie. Brett has been responsible for the construction of houses for 13 years. So he’s exactly who you want building yours. He’s passionate about what he does; with a keen interest in architecture and design. And it’s his experience in business development that will give you more. Not a tool, but a generator: keeps everything working.


More than lines. Lachlan is the creative mind behind the construction of your Symmetric home. It’s something he’s been passionate about since he first started planning his career path. He uses both the left and right sides of his brain to design functional and beautiful homes. And it’s his ability to think outside the walls that will give you more. Not a tool, but a tape measure: always checking things twice.


More than emails. Hannah is at the centre of Symmetric Homes. And it’s where she’ll stay. She’s across every aspect of the business, from internal communication to client queries. On the daily, there’s a lot on Hannah’s plate, but it always gets done. And it’s her willingness to say yes that will give you more. Not a tool, but an all-in-one: can do everything.


More than Google. Alexa is your go-to for all maintenance matters. She is your peace of mind. She knows that a new home should stay that way. And it’s her ability to anticipate your needs, before you know them, that will give you more. Not a tool, but a stud-finder: need we say more.


More than a salesman. Suresh is responsible for ensuring your life in a Symmetric home is the one you expect. He is your sounding board. His job is to understand where you have come from, and where you see yourself going. It’s a journey that Suresh will guide you through. And it’s his understanding of Vaastu within the Australian landscape that will give you more. Not a tool, but a Swiss army knife: always there when you need it.


More than a translator. Stanley will give you an unforgettable experience. He is committed to your needs, comprehensively guiding you through the options before welcoming you into your new home. It’s a process that never grows old for Stanley. And it’s his knowledge passed on to the sales team that will give you more. Not a tool, but a leveller: finding the right balance.


More than a WIP meeting. Derek helps to build the relationship between you and your home. He finds purpose in providing such an important service, ensuring this investment gives you and your family the life you deserve. After all, you spend the majority of your time at home. And it’s Derek’s ability to power through obstacles that will give you more. Not a tool, but a power drill: gets things done while maintaining quality of finish.